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Wow. You're kind of in a hard place with you taking the job and all.

I would go, because jobs are hard to come by. But if she feels she truly is poly and it's not going to change, I wouldn't let her give it up for you. It could cause resentment down the road and she already has a pattern of cheating. Emotional or physical, affairs are still affairs and you don't want to wake one day and realize she's running around town on you. Now if you're deadset on being unable to live with her being poly, the move can be permanent but living with her can not. You need to start looking for a sublet or ways to get out of the lease or something. If you're just not sure, give it 6 months. Walk this journey with her, explore it, stick around here and ask your questions and if at the end of 6 months you find you can't live with it at least you tried. Actually I recommend the second action regardless because you might surprise yourself. Throughout the whole process, get to know your city and make your own life there regardless because that's just healthy.

She has a history of abusive relationships. Tread carefully to avoid the traps where she uses you as an excuse to be "forced" to do something. Let HER take responsibility for HER choices. You don't want to end up down the road years later with her saying well I cheated because he MADE me be monogamous.

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