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Originally Posted by Amy84 View Post
Whoever finds the schedule, please do post.
I know I wont be able to get off work for each day/night but if there were to be something going on that I really wanted to attend I would put in at work to get that time off. And then with the ability to leave and return as much as you want... I can just show back up after work! Good stuff.

Deff something to think about,.. before August 15! Then the prices go up! EAK!

TL.. naughty naughty!
Campin does sound fun though.
Hey, I'm not "bad" meaning bad....I'm "bad" meaning GOOD! LOL If I were less mature, I would have simply asked for noods. LMAO! But I'm supposed to be a grown up now....and it's not nice to ask for those yet. LMAO Dang it....Now I sound like a stalker/wierdo. Oh well. I do that ALL the time. Come camp with us. We like to play banjo's and everything....Deep in the woods while we are kayaking or canoeing. LOL
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