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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post should get paid for it which I assume you do. In turn you pay your taxes and feed the machine
Actually, I get underpaid for it. I wonder who gets to say what has the value in society. My point is that claiming certain things are benefits to the human race in tax break worthy ways and other things are not beneficial enough for tax breaks isn't always going to provide an accurate reflection of reality. It is an entirely reasonable thing to call how the current system works into question without having to discuss the future drool running from my chin as if those who don't have children are going to be future saps and drains in society.

If everyone was really looking out for the future of the human race, then taxes would also go far more into care of the elderly as well as care of children. The fact is that current tax distribution in many places doesn't reflect the needs of the society that it provides for in equitable ways.

(and things such as overpopulation and overconsumption are actual valid concerns that tend not to be discussed. The future of the human race will be a moot point if there are too many people for the earth to sustain it)

And also, for the record, I'm not CF.
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