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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Or it could be considered a tax break for those willing to contribute to overpopulation or the over-consumption of the earth's resources.

That line of reasoning is not a terribly valid one for justifying tax breaks considering the variety of ways people contribute to the betterment of the world with or without children.

(not saying there may not be other valid reasons, however, but it's pretty fair to call what seems to be a pretty unfair system into question)
Or it could be considered a tax to pay for future generations that will be wiping the drool off your chin when you are too old to take care of yourself and don't have children of your own to do it.

Either way..if a healthy portion of the population doesn't procreate the species dies. That's terribly valid and about all I have to say on this topic as the thread is related to something that does not apply to me.

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