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Originally Posted by bimblynim View Post
At the same time I’m nervous of the practical implications (mostly legal/coming out/how to approach finding my triad partners)
Well practical implications can become regional to a degree. What laws are for or against it where you are. What is recognized. Can you sign personal legal binding contracts that don't involved marraige. The logistics behind this are something you need to understand in your area.

I've just put an add up on soulmates – wondering what peoples experiences are re looking for poly love? Noticed most people on here are couples that “opened up” anyone else know they were poly before looking for a relationship? How did you go about it? Any thoughts much appreciated
Cheers for reading
I consider myself lucky, I am a "couple" that was already open. So a lot of misc crap some couples go through I didn't. I don't understand the idea of being restricted from dating, flirting and general socializing. It seems thats an anomaly. My patterns over the last 10 years with my partner would have been considered dating.

That said my thoughts are ever evolving. I started out as an open marraige unicorn threesome hunter. And while I still look ...I stopped that being a requirement. If you let you relationship evolve within the rules you set to be comfortable and are willing to continually renegotiate based on new influences you could end up in a relationship that looks nothing like what you would have thought in the beginning ...

Good luck and welcome to the poly party
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