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Originally Posted by nymphs View Post
I'm not childfree and it might make ur life easier and more fun but there is something wonderful ur missing out on and won't understand. For example a child laughter u hear it and probly don't think anything of it but when I hear it makes my day I don't think I can do with out ;p ( I'm not talking for everyone so please don't take offense)
See, I agree with Ygirl on this point. Those of us who are CF aren't missing out, but you are implying that we are. It comes down to societal pressures. When my wife turned 30, she started getting the "when are you going to have a baby" questions from people at work, from her family, etc. She did catch a case of the Baby Rabies for a short term, but I was dead set against it. My friends were like, "compromise with her, just have 1 kid" - How is that a compromise?
In the end, she realized that she was just acting out of societal pressure. And we have been better for it ever since.
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