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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post

(for those who don't know the difference: a "breeder" is someone who reproduces and does not do a responsible job of parenting; common abbreviations in the CF-rant vocabulary are "BNP" for breeder-not-parent and "PNB" for "parent-not-breeder". "Breeder" is used as a derogatory term with negative connotation and "parent" is used as a complimentary term with positive connotation)
Yikes, thank you for the clarification.. I'd heard breeder used by some gay co-workers, and assumed it was a value neutral word.

So I was child-free until I got pregnant and decided to keep the baby? Then I was a breeder (ummm it took a while to figure out how to do the child rearing thing.) and now I'm a parent. (promoted when she graduated from high school... There's probably a star somewhere for her graduating from college...So I'd be a one star Parent. (Although when she graduates law school, I might be demoted. )

Sadly the parents today are friends to their children, not parents.

Now I have to ask ('cause I'm bad). Is there opinion in this group about companion animal status. It seems a lot of the CF people have lots of pets. The two cats are going to live with my daughter soon. Without pets, am I a better person, a worse person, or ??
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