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Immaterial, with all due respect I find what you have just said equally offensive and just as much of a pressure culturally. I could go on about that about how culturally parents, and especially mothers, are made to think they are inadequate at raising children when no one handed us a book on it, but I won't.

Really, I don't think saying someone is "missing out" should be offensive. i sorry you can't rise above that and be happy for her. That is all that was said by her in just a few sentences, whereas you went on and on. Please realize that we as parents have a responsibility that is sometimes over whelming. It is just as unfair to blow up about how kids behave.

Personally I think its awesome that you have a childless life. I think its great you have chose that, but please don't dis someone when they get excited about the experience you decided not to have.

I think this thread is great. We have talked about kids a lot on this forum and I like that there is space to talk about NOT having kids, but please don't start bashing those of us that do.
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