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immaterial, I agree with the things you just said, and in fact you said some things that I thought of saying but decided not to because this is a thread about being CF and how it makes the "poly experience" of people who are CF different from the "poly experience" of people who choose to have kids. I, too, am irked when someone comes on and does a "bingo" like that, but I would like to remind everyone that this thread is not for the purpose of ranting about "breeders".

(for those who don't know the difference: a "breeder" is someone who reproduces and does not do a responsible job of parenting; common abbreviations in the CF-rant vocabulary are "BNP" for breeder-not-parent and "PNB" for "parent-not-breeder". "Breeder" is used as a derogatory term with negative connotation and "parent" is used as a complimentary term with positive connotation)
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