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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
this was written on another thread and I wanted to ask about it.

I am curious how this is so and how it manifests. If you read the rest of this thread you will note that I am not a fan of LDR for myself. I have had LDR's before and have felt increased emotional vulnerability, but hadn't really recognized that until now... comments? ideas? thoughts?
hmmm as I am sort of going through this I can see it...and I believe it related directly to intimacy.

With intimacy comes a vulnerability that is easy and natural. We all like it (ok most of us) and we all accept it. In LDR's you can't have that so you need to connect somehow to keep building the relationship.

So instead of

communication -> friendship -> physical touch -> emotional touch -> intimate vulnerability

that line of site has to change in order to manifest the relationship into discernible steps of progression.

Ya ok, thats my 50 cent set of words for the day...jesus.
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