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Nymphs, it is offensive to hear from people who have children that not having them is "missing out" on something. I really tire of the cultural pressure to have children and the tyranny, really, of people with children. I am currently traveling and camping, using a public coffee shop to access the internet. The behavior of people's children in the campground is unbelievable. Parents bring their children to these public places and then just let them run f***ing wild, yelling, crossing through other people's campsites, screaming, fighting, throwing rocks, etc. It's one thing to allow the free and creative spirit of children to blossom but somehow within a reasonable context of respect for others and some kind of responsibility and structure on the part of the parents. The other day in the coffee shop there were three children slamming the bathroom door over and over, crying, screaming, fussing over everything, all the while the parents just ignoring them or occasionally mumbling some ineffectual something like "shhhh" or "sit down" but with no container or structure.

What possesses these child-positive breeders to allow this sort of utterly unacceptable imposition on others? These scenarios are *far and above* just normal child behavior. I often get the sense that parents feel completely *entitled* to inflict their children on the world. There doesn't even seem to be a second thought about it.

From this perspective, the consciously child free are definitely a minority and definitely don't need to hear that we are "missing out." :-)

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