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Default Dropping the "P-Bomb"

I suppose this thread is a kin to the "Coming Out" thread; but I have searched the forum and not found what I was looking for. Now if someone out there has the magic touch with the search function and finds it, I apologize for the clutter.

My question that I am putting to the learned forum has to do with letting the person you are interested in on the fact that you are in a poly relationship. I have done this a couple times, and the reactions range from receiving hate mail, to more recently curiosity.

I want to be upfront and honest with all my interactions so I have always framed any time I have outed myself in the context of not wanting to lead anyone on and not wanting to lie by omission. I've waffled putting the fact that I am in a Poly relationship in my POF profile; because the reactions have been mixed, and I want to be upfront but not scare anyone off.

So I put it you: when's a good time to tell the person? is it an organic benchmark in the budding relationship? or is it more static (5 emails?6? etc.)? how do you frame it? I'd like some advice from secondaries out there too: how did you have it framed for you? what was your reaction? what was said that helped you understand it?

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