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My husband and I, more or less, moved in together on our first date. Not literally of course ("What does a lesbian bring to a 2nd date? A U-Haul").

He had a job working on the road, all different cities in MB & SK... he came to "visit" for a night, and that night turned into 4 months before we decided to get our own place. While he was staying there, we didn't think of it as him moving in. We just wanted him to stay in the city where I was living so we could be together, and it just went without saying that he would stay with me. It took two years and his mom dying for him to finally update his legal address...

I totally know what you mean about finding someone you can live with. From boyfriends to best friends, I've never been able to stand anyone for more than 48 straight hours before I needed them to just be "not there." So when, after 3 weeks straight, I not only tolerated but still enjoyed the company of my husband, I realized what we had.

I don't think it's fair of L to get too mad at you. Of course she has the right to be hurt over losing you, but she's basically been keeping you on ice while she lives the good life. You weren't into the poly thing when you met her but you made an effort so you could be with her. Now you've found someone who totally rocks your world, and not only that, but you don't have to deal with the poly stuff.

Hm, camping alone... why didn't I think of that?? I love camping, I have this fabulous Hennessy hammock tent (screened-in with a rain fly, but it's a hammock, it's the best!) which is great for festival camping, but only sleeps one person... and for some reason I had this notion that I had to go camping WITH someone! LOL... new mission this week: Plan a solo camping trip! ~excited~
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