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Originally Posted by Karma View Post
Had my eyebrow done at one point, but it healed completely out of my skin. No scar, nothing. I'm in the shower one day and I hear this clink noise, turns out the ring had been pushed completely out.... Mohegan thinks I'm some kind of mutant freak with abnormal healing powers
That's actually extremely common, it's called rejection. Happens a lot on eyebrows and other surface piercings, i.e. ones that don't go through two parallel pieces of skin (like a lobe, lip, or nostril).

I had two eyebrow rings reject. They didn't get to the stage of yours, I took them out when they started getting really thin. My piercer told me they can just keep piercing it, and the scar tissue from the previous rejection can eventually make enough resistance to keep the piercing in. I just gave up after 2.
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