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Default Advice much appreciated!

Hey there!
I hope my post isnt too long and generic but I would appreciated some advice.

Now I guess for starters and I'm monogamous. I have been in a monogamous relationship for a year now and love my partner very much. However in these past few months our sex life has been a bit strained. My partner has now come out to me as being polamory and hes been having a hard time being monogamous. Of course this instantly made me think "Oh I'm not enough, I cant please my partner, he doesnt love me anymore" but I KNOW this isnt the case. He loves me very much and still wants me but I've just been stuck in my ways for so long I'm just trying to grasp his point of view. I guess I'm willing to give this a go, but I just have jealousy issues. I cant help but think at night lying there by myself when I could have my partner snuggling up to me that hes probably out having sex with someone else where as I would very much like to be the person hes with.

hes pitched the idea of me being his 'primary partner'. Does anyone here have the same arrangement?

I guess when it comes down to it this guy really is the love of my life and I dont want to loose him. I'm open to the idea of polyamory but it's just dealing with my jealously issues. Now he said I can sleep with other guys too though I have to be honest and say I dont have any desire for anyone else at the moment apart from him.

I guess I'm just after some general advice. My partner wants to keep me but be with others as well. I guess I cant help but feel a bit rejected but I know thats not what hes trying to do at all. hes coming out and being honest with me and I really appreciated that.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now.

Hope this made sense!


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