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Default Female looking for relationship

Hi, I am looking for someone or someones to share my life with. I prefer men but have had some experience with females but only a bit. I am 34 years old I have two beautiful daughters and a husband who is poly as well and has encouraged me to find others. I am nervously new at the dating and getting to know someone in a romantic way I have been married for 15 years but we have had an open relationship for about 4 or so of the latest years. He has done a lot more to seek out other people. I am not all that outgoing when it comes to meeting new people and I am trying to change that about myself.
So, since you know about my background I am going to tell you a little bit about me. I enjoy nature, cooking, cleaning and dabble in gardening and love to be around lakes, ocean water in general. Yep I did say cleaning..I used to be (not clinically diagnosed) what hubby would say was ocd. That part of me is getting a whole lot better I can sit down and talk to people before doing all the dishes after dinner.
I work part time and I am going to school part time to become??? something Im still searching for. I have a fairly busy schedule but I do want to find someone I can talk to and enjoy being with. I have some friends but no one I can really talk to about polly. I have tried and it just winds up a big mess.. I need someone who understands why Im not leaving my husband because he has relationships with other women.
I do think that I am somewhat attractive. I hope that putting myself out here like this is acceptable.
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