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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
Ah yes, but what are your thoughts?
My thoughts are simple actually. I don't tend to like using criteria or checklists. They limit the potential of what can happen. By creating a positive checklist you are inherently going to ignore the possibility of meeting someone that may not fit it all. Its actually why I find online dating generally counterproductive...

So my wants are the same as they always have been when I was single. I want someone who is loving caring, sexual, ideally kinky. Honesty is important because I am honest and very blunt (as you are learning), I expect the same in return, especially if I am meeting someone online. I hate disingenuous people online.

some of the criteria for what I would normally not want but has changed.

a) I don't want to do distances, I was very against an LDR
b) I had only been interested in finding a "3rd" and she was a unicorn (self proclaimed unicorn hunter here)
c) ummm...honestly I have never had a friendship turn to romance in my life. I am more open to that possibility happening now...

There were other things borne from both ignorance and fear I had in my criteria list. Each one of those slowly but surely being knocked out of the park the more in interactions I have with good people.
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