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Default Poly community nearby?

Howdy folks.

Suddenly I find myself surprised to have a strong interest in the polyamorous lifestyle, after my 10-year monogamous marriage ended about a year ago.

I believe I've always felt polyamorous in my heart, but didn't feel comfortable exploring it due to my own negative feelings about being shallow or a "male slut", "wanting to have my cake and eat it too", etc. And also I doubted that this could work in real life.

Its been energizing (to say the least) to discover that there are MANY people interested in, and living, these kind of lifestyles.

I'm not sure exactly what sort of relationship (or relationships) fits my emotional makeup, and I'd love some advice from people here on the site. But even more, I'd like to figure out if there is a polyamorous community in my small Alaska town. What I really want is to sit down with some people who have lived a poly relationship, and gently pick their brains. But I'm not sure how to find the right people, without oversharing with my friends and acquaintances.

Some basics about me and my emotional/sexual makeup: 40 year-old man, slightly bisexual. Strong feelings of compersion, low jealousy. Very intrigued by the idea of group sex; I probably would have tried it at some point, if any of my girlfriends (or my wife) had been interested. Generally uninterested in having sex with anyone I don't know well and have strong positive feelings about. I think I'd be very into a LTR with 3-4 or more people where there is at least some group sex involved, but I'm uneasy about the potential fragility of such a situation.

Ideas? Comments?

/hugs and thanks in advance,

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