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My husband hates hospitals. His father went on a trip and his mother snuck and had him committed. (She lied and said he threatened and attempted to kill himself.) There was a paperwork error and he got stuck in the next state over for about a week until his dad could get him out. The facility he went to didn't really focus on therapy and just pumped folks full of drugs. (I'm going somewhere with this I promise.)

Almost two weeks ago I had horrible shoulder pain to the point where I couldn't drive. I went to the ER via ambulance. The hospital is on the same base he works at and I called his job to let him know I was fine, didn't need him there and to make sure to pick me up before he left base.

He RACED to his car. Passed a mutual friend of ours and he told me later he's NEVER seen my husband move like that. Drove to the hospital and was sitting outside of radiology waiting on me. Last week they stuck a needle in my shoulder to inject steroids to reduce inflammation. He was sitting right there in the exam room holding my hand. Even those hospitals make him hyperventilate, he was still there. I asked him about it, because in addition to the fear of hospitals and needles; he was also on duty that day which is a large part of why I asked the person who answered the phone not to have him come. You know what he said?

I joined the military for my family. You're my family and you come first.

You deserve that. It is SHIT that he didn't even express upset that he couldn't be there for you. SHIT. You deserve to be the primary you're looking to be and as for the behavior at the event...unless you've established a set up as a submissive that's some mess. Yall are all adults and they treated you like a child. Bunk.

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