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Default re: I Want and Need Balance - Don't We All?

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
From my perspective, if she has a steady partner or partners who are trusted as far as sexual safety is concerned than knowing each time they had sex would not be necessary and even somewhat uncomfortable for me. That's me though. I am fine simply knowing that they have crossed that bridge. If she is hooking upkind of randomly for one date here and there if different guys I would be concerned for her health as well as yours. Some sexually transmitted issues can be undone but many others can not.
MonoVCPHG I am definitely heading in your direction over this. They have crossed that bridge so do I really have to know about each occasion?

BTW I do trust Babe implicitly and we have a condom agreement too.
She is not doing random hookups I am pleased to say.

Thanks for your words

Mr. Babe
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