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Well, ok. I will ask my husband if he wants to know who I've fallen for, but if he says no, isn't it ok to respect that?

Meanwhile, my friend is on board with opening up about what happened between us (the kisses, etc.) and says he will "adjust to whatever needs to happen" with how we can relate to each other in the future. We will talk it over together first, in a couple of days.

Geez, you guys are inspiring me with all sorts of bravery. I trust my marriage will come out fine, but I do worry about what will happen with my dear friend. Plus there's that remote hopeful possibility that my husband would be fine with a certain amount of intimacy there, but it still wouldn't be able to happen if my friend continues with his girlfriend. (What if that influenced his decisions about their relationship? Yikes, I'd hate that!)

The last 2 days since bringing up polyamory with my husband have sure been spicy between us. He has been requesting and offering all sorts of lovely things in bed! And elsewhere!
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