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- we struggle with intimacy our entire 15+ year relationship (due to the reasons in the op), but now it feels like it's all 'hey I am poly'... so some guy can come along, woo you for a couple months and now you're locking lips with him.

Franklin of xeromag discusses this here: I found it useful to read when I was thinking along the lines above.
Thanks for the link! And it was an interesting read. Maybe I'm just stubborn or not ready to be open to that train of thought right now, but I still disagree. I do agree that all of the effort poured into my marriage was never out of some expectation of great return, but my love for Christie. But at the same time, I never felt like it was going to be for another guy's benefit. When I met with a secondary and he said "Well, I am glad to have the 2010 model of Christie..." I wanted to smack him.

Just in general, I have always thought that the Little Red Hen was the only one who should be able to eat the bread.

Mono husband to poly wife (married in 1997; poly since 2010); my name is not really David or Jason
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