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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
I think making smart choices about people to date is extremely important, but I'm tempted to sort of throw my hands up in the air and just say "develop good taste", which isn't very useful.
Oh agreed!

This may seem contradictory, but while single, I have been known to throw my heart at relationships that I knew weren't going anywhere from the outset, but I just had to. For the experience, for whatever reason, there was just something.

Now, I do have to be a bit more careful. Because who will be stuck cleaning up the mess if I dive into a very shallow pool? Indigo. This was a startling revelation I had the other night (we have only recently begun practicing poly) and ended with me apologizing profusely for not realizing this very obvious fact.

So, I must keep Indigo in mind. I can't throw myself at someone just to see what happens. My relationships, out of respect for him, need to be less emotionally risky than I may have allowed before we were together.

I imagine that this will only be even more of a consideration as children enter the picture. (Not for some time! )
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