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Originally Posted by FormerUnicorn View Post
How does being poly differ from being single when you're choosing a new partner? What things do you have to take into consideration?
One way in which being poly- differs from being single is that one (ideally) gets trusted, insightful reality checks from one's partners about new potential interests.

I suppose that I could come up with a list of criteria for poly- dating (must be reasonably enthusiastic about being in poly- relationships, must be reasonably supportive of existing relationships, etc.), but the thing is that relationships begin in some very different ways. Is it someone I barely know and am considering a first date with? My criterion there is finding someone interesting enough I'd want to spend a couple of hours chatting. Is it someone who's been a friend for a while and now there's some mutual attraction? How do I think that's going to fit into my life?

I think making smart choices about people to date is extremely important, but I'm tempted to sort of throw my hands up in the air and just say "develop good taste", which isn't very useful.
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