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Originally Posted by babe View Post
Q1. Is it normal, or even ok, for me to feel the need to want to see someone else whenever Babe has a date (which is very *rare) with a lover?
It's definitely ok, and may be normal. Lots of couples find that they like to schedule their respective date nights on the same night, other people find that they like getting some alone time. Phrasing it as a "need" seems kind of strong to me, though. As Redpepper suggests, I'd try to pin down whether that was coming from loneliness, boredom, envy, or something else.

Originally Posted by babe View Post
Q2.When Babe goes on a date (which is very *rare) I will usually ask her if they had sex or not. Does this sound reasonable?
She's your wife, so I'd guess that asking her any question you want to about her sex life is "reasonable". That's different from her being obliged to answer in great detail, but I think aiming for a relationship in which you both feel comfortable discussing sexual experiences is worthwhile.
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