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I just blogged about this this morning.

Anyone who comes into my life will, by the nature of my marriage and family, be involved with them to some degree as well. That doesn't mean that we'll necessarily be "one big happy family" but they'll have to be comfortable enough with the rest of my life to come hang out on a Sunday at the lake with my kids and me. I spend so much time away from my kids that there will be overlap with my new partners and my kids - we'll occasionally do 'kid' stuff

They'll have to be willing to spend time with my husband as well. Not all the time - but he likes to know my friends. So even if its a matter of 10 minutes waiting for me chatting with hubby while I'm finishing up getting ready or hunting for my purse... there has to be a comfort level and maturity that allows that.

SO yeah - there is a greater consideration for whomever I will get involved with - because there's so much more to think about other than getting my itch scratched.
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