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still enjoying the path I'm walking on...

Talking to a number of people.... maintaining my "friends first" stance even though its oh-so-fucking-hard.... I'm a jump into the deep end of the pool and then see if I can swim type person. But this is important to me... its not just me to think about - its also my dh and my kids and I don't want them to get hurt.

In my head - anyone who comes into my life will be involved in my kids' lives and so I need to know that they are solid - that they are someone I want my kids hanging around.

I have been chatting with the him of a couple different couples - I'd like to chat with the her too -but for whatever reasons - we're not connecting as quickly.

I've been chatting with a single woman - she's great

I"ve been chatting with the her of a couple - she's great too - however right now she's hurting and I'm in "mama-bear-rescue" mode - I have a tendency to do that

Its been fun I'm enjoying myself immensely and to my dh's delight - I'm not obsessing over anything or taking an enormous amount of time away from my family.... who knows what will happen when I actually enter into a relationship

I'm having fun
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