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Smoking : HUGE pet peeve of mine.
In particular : People who smoke in their car with children in it.

I was so very appreciative of Ontario`s strict rules on smoking. One of the best ways to stop new generations from smoking, is to show that it is NOT socially acceptable. Not anywhere.
Children don`t need to see smokers hanging out in doorways everywhere they go. That sight, creates a falsehood in some childrens`s minds. Smoking then looks to be some cool, mysterious thing. Almost like a 'club'.

Nevermind all the 15 seconds of second hand smoke they end up breathing in. There are a lot of doorways out there.

I think many problems happen, when some bans are put into place and not others. Then the wrong message is sent subliminally to the youth. You end up with teenagers who find it harmless, find the laws a joke, and it ends up being just another way to thumb their nose up.

Now that I live in Alberta, it is less stringent. You can still get a 'smoking room' in a hotel I believe. Ridiculous.

All that said, while I have zero sympathy for smokers, I don`t doubt their frustration. If the government really wanted the population away from smoking, they would change the laws on what goes into a ciggarette.
( toxins, addictive chemicals, etc. Those additives could be drastically altered.)..make the bloody things less addictive.

But of course, that doesn`t spend money, the way slowly bleeding out tobacco farmers, and tobacco companies does.

Ahhh-haha,...Passionate topic of mine. Rant over.

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