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Default I Want and Need Balance - Don't We All?

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Agreeing with sage on this one.
Its okay to have a need to have a date with someone will your partner does, but what is behind it? You say its hard for you and her to get together to have you own intimacy, so perhaps there is something you could do about that and see how you feel then. It could be you will not be thinking that way, or perhaps you need to have a date night with someone also at that time. No harm in that. More babysitters though.

As for asking if she has had sex? I need to know ahead of time if that is in the cards. So ya, I would want to know. Sex is a very important connecting and bonding experience to both me and my husband; I would want to know where his connection is at with them.
Very important first point. I would like to see how I react to her and other lover/s when we are having some quality time together. I think it would be much better all around.

I also agree about sex being a "very important connecting and bonding experience"
See my last about keeping it real.


Mr. Babe
P.S. I hope Babe has something to post on this soon.
Love you xoxo
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