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Default I Want and Need Balance - Don't We All?

I have two questions that have been bugging me for a while now.
I am in a wonderful, open, polyesque marriage. I say polyesque as I am poly but Babe is just open ..... but she does respect my polyness.

Q1. Is it normal, or even ok, for me to feel the need to want to see someone else whenever Babe has a date (which is very *rare) with a lover?
It's that balance thing that I want and need but at times she feels it is a retribution type tit-for-tat thing. I have no desire to get back at her hence my encouraging and supporting her seeing others. I just want what Babe has. Some fun, kid-free sex and loving once in a while.
We have three young kids living at home too so our own intimate life gets a bit stifled as you can imagine. So when Babe sees a lover this just gets emphasized.

Q2.When Babe goes on a date (which is very *rare) I will usually ask her if they had sex or not. Does this sound reasonable?
Occasionally I don't even ask but I do want to know? I'd like to think that maybe I'd get to a point where either it's a given or that whether they do or not is irrelevant?

Thanks for any input.

Mr. Babe
* Rare because of time constraints living in a family with young kids at home.
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