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Recently, my partner (OhioLove, of a recent post) had a sexual encounter with her female lover and that individual's husband...without me. It left me feeling excluded and envious. I am very adventurous sexually, and I have yet to have a group sex encounter. Plus, this is compounded by the fact that I had a very traumatic adolescence where I was very often rejected and forlorn.

My wife now that she has had polyamorous experience(s), mostly just with the woman--which never triggered an envious reaction, encourages me to do the same. I am eager to do so, but I am also cautious that despite her zeal she may also feel left out. I do not want to cause her the pain, but I have also historically been the bigger advocate for polyamory in our relationship since it began.

What do ya'll think? Feel free to ask for more context...this is admittedly somewhat vague.

Thank You!

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