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I believe unconditional love is just what it says, unconditional. No matter what someone does or how they treat you, even if they stop loving you, you still have an unfaltering love for them, even if a relationship ends, it may no longer be a romantic love, but just a love for the person. I think that all parents should have unconditional love, no matter what their children do.

I also believe that in marriage there should be an unconditional love, which is for some reason so rare these days. It's so weird to me how people get married, say "for better or for worse" knowing full well that they really mean "for better or *mumbles incoherently*". This may be controversial and I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I believe the divorce rate in america is just pathetic and proves nobody takes their vows seriously anymore. When I hear divorced people say things like "we got divorced cause he cheated" or all the other "go-to" reasons, I always say "that's the for worse part." Don't make the vow if you know you don't mean it

sorry about the rant...hope i didn't offend any divorced people... it just irks me that str8 people can get married and divorced in a day and nobody bats an eyelash, yet it's so taboo for us gays
When one limits themselves in terms of love, they have missed the point of love altogether ~ RazeGeneration
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