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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
It's 19 feet for the metrically challenged, lol.

In Ontario you can't even smoke on hospital property!
I can understand that. People at a hospital are trying not to die, and cigarette smoke wafting in through a window or door isn't going to help anyone with that, but I'm sick of being expected to walk basically into the middle of a parking lot, with no shade or anything to sit on, simply because someone can't handle the smell of cigarettes for the 15 seconds it takes to walk through a door. Honestly, if it's that bad, hold your breath for a few seconds.

You claim you have the right to be smoke-free. That's fine, I respect that, so long as you respect my right to smoke without walking to the middle of nowhere in the blazing Maryland sun. I am not a freaking leper just because I want to smoke.
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