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I am actually active in the swinger lifestyle. I have witnessed some male/male action. Most men in the swinger lifestyle however are straight or bi comfortable (everyone has their own definition of that ). I personally dont know anyone (swingers) that have issues with bi men. I have noticed though that there are no homosexually identified persons on the site i'm a part of.

In a different direction. I am very curious as to the reason why ALL the couples or families seeking others, in the poly forums, is usually MFF/F couples. I would be very interested to find 2 men to have a life with. I like women alot, dont get me wrong. I just find it easier to be in relationships with men. Most of the women ive tried dating are not easy to deal with. Maybe I just havent found enough poly people in general to make my assumptions.

So for me I would be happy to have 2 men in my life who have affection for each other, as long as I get my affection somewhere too.
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