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Originally Posted by Livingmybestlife View Post
I have chronic medical issues and I can't image my DH or BF not being there for me.

I wondered when you had your conversation about your needs being met during your recent health scare. I hope I am not being to nosy.

I can understand the idea of fear of controlling.
LR that must have really added to your recovery stress! Someone on this thread said don't assume a bf or SO would realize a hospital stay would require attention or altering plans, I think that is bs! Not that you have to rearrange your schedule for a hangnail but a hospital stay (several days at that) is a different story all together. I mean at least make the offer unless you are a completely self-centered neanderthal! If you love someone at the very least health issues should be a concern.

BTW what is a DH? Husband?
Fear of controlling/laying on the guilt is what we are talking here correct? I just cannot imagine any excuse being good enough to completely ignore your responsibility to be there for your spouse/bf/gf/SO/OSO. I don't think it is the responsibility of the injured or ill to ask to clarify what they need from a SO at that particular time, they are sick for goodness sake. I mean doesn't anyone think that by being in a relationship it automatically makes you somewhat responsible to the other's basic needs being met?
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