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So sorry I'm quite new to the whole online forum thing as well as poly so apologies I think I initially posted in the wrong place. I'm also dyslexic so please forgive spelling/punctuation. Iím far more eloquent in real life.
As I put in the "new to polly" section I've recently discovered Iím polly, after a lot of soul searching around why I've never had a romantic relationship. Until the last couple of years I was content with the emotional support of my friends (and though obv this is still important to me) I find I now want ďmore.Ē However the idea of a mono relationship makes me irrationally sad and fearful. I recently started therapy to try and uncover why and following my first session (last week) it occurred to me that the idea of having a relationship with a man and a woman makes perfect sense to me and is appealing as opposed to freaking me out. So started researching and thatís whatís brought me here. Although my friends are lovely and supportive theyíre all very mono, so Iím really looking forward to talking to and learning from you guys :0)
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