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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
Yes, kissing is still an option .

As for the no sexual relations part....Breathes has a very low libido & Possibility has ED so I'm just trying to find things to do so I can get my fix (without going the way of the buzzzzzzzzzzzzz) while still helping them feel good as well. Sex isn't totally out of the question, it's just very infrequent (twice a month if I'm really, REALLY lucky, & yes I get cranky about it, lol).

Those are all awesome suggestions too , thanx.
I didn't read most of the other posts.

I go through this. Because of dh's health - sex doesn't happen very often. So we have re-worked our idea of what "sex" is.

What we do:

-holding hands
-body rubs (any part of the body)
-me sittting on the floor between his legs while he plays with or brushes my hair
-snuggles on the couch
-snuggle in bed and watch a movie
-playful touching without the expectation of anything further
-showers together
-walks together (when he's up for it)
-anytime I walk past him - I touch him. Reconnect that way.

Last night, I had him lay down on the bed, and I used a couple of different flavoured edibles. I drew pictures and words on him and then licked and sucked them off. It was incredibly sensual AND sexual - but there was never any pressure on him to "perform" He simply lay there and enjoyed the sensations. He then did the same for me.

When we do have actual intercourse -there's no expectations of either of us cumming. But its nice.

He's always up for some kissing and fondling of my body while I use my toys and fingers on myself. Guaranteed good times

Its not a fun situation to be in - especially if one has a higher libido than the other...

Hope that helps

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