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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I have noticed an even split between men and women. Maybe it's a west coast thing? Still, men find it hard to find female mates.
I have a hypothesis in regards to the numbers of men and women and the perception of the numbers of men and women.

Now I'd have to do a lot more research to validate it(but it is able to be validated or disproven) and it isn't gospel truth.

Here are my given assumptions.

You have a limited poly population that consists of women and men.

There are more bisexual women in the poly population than bisexual men.

The actual raw numbers of women that are poly are either slightly higher or equal to the number of men that are poly.

An individual can only date a finite number of people at once.

Now, with that said, here is my hypothesis.

When people become poly some of the women are removed from the dating pool because of the "One Penis Policy". Those women that are subject to the OPP, by definition, will date women and not men. Even if this is not true a majority of the time it is true often enough that it does make an impact because it not only erases all of the potential bandwith that could be used by dating a man on the part of the person who is subject to the OPP, but if the woman dates a woman who is not subject a OPP it reduces the bandwith of the non-OPP woman as well.

The logical way for this issue to be resolved is for guys to date other guys(who, because a lot of women are dating other women, have lots of spare bandwith to date). The thing is, because there are significantly more bisexual women in the poly scene than bisexual men, that creates the imbalance.

So, even if there are as many women as there are men in the poly scene, because of the OPP and greater number of bisexual women than bisexual men, that makes it significantly more difficult than it otherwise would be to find female people to date.
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