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I usually put "romantic" in quotes in here, as I think a large part of what "romantic love" is... is a sort of socially popular fantasy-myth. That's not ALL it is, but it's a large part of it. And the fantasy-myth does rub off, after a while, and exposes our partners as the somewhat more ordinary (though also fantastic) real people they actually ARE, flaws and warts included.

Apparently, too, nature conspired to drug us when we "fall in love," and that drug can have us feeling like we're walking on air! The drug is manufactured in our own bodies! But, eventually, the drug period winds down and now we see that the prince we settled in with has froggy feet, just like we do. Hopefully, we still like him or her a lot, anyway. I'm thirteen years in with my froggy feet man. We like each other a lot, spots and all.
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