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Smile Well, another day another dollar.

I'm trying to feel gratitude for what I have. I have a girlfriend, a place to live(that has AC and internet), a job that is ok most days.

I really am doing ok. I just wish it felt like I was doing ok.

I'm feeling really stressed because I'm having to hose down my friends who are going through worse stuff than I am. At one point I was talking down one friend who was having a breakdown because of wedding related stuff, another friend who was dealing with medical issues, and another friend who was dealing with nebulous poly stuff that I only vaguely get all at the same on IM while also trying to work.

I wish that I could help all of them out. I feel really bad for what is going on with them. I wish I could say more than, "I can tell that is very painful for you" , "Is there anything I can do to help"(usually the answer is no), and similar platitudes.

I'm hoping that a gym visit today and going out of town for a few days this weekend will help.
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