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Default Sharing Success and Happiness :)

We went to poly camp last weekend and did a couple of workshops. On sunday morning we started packing up before the second workshop as we wanted to be ready to go after it.

The workshop before us was on massage. Derby, having finished packing, went over to agree to be the one massaged for the demo. I watched from afar as the woman talked about stuff and then slowly moved Derby's towel down. Soon it was below her bum. I was jealous, pacing back and forth uncomfortably, not knowing what to do, confused that I would even be worried or concerned or hurt... what the heck? Nerdist and Mono were laughing at me...

I was getting more agitated as people were poking and proding her when up pops Derby's head from the back of the group and starts walking back over to us. My jaw dropped! It wasn't her at all, but some guy that had offered first. She came over looking all confused saying "what? what?" heehee, I felt like an idoit, but was relieved at the same time!
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