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I've been working a temporary job with a floating end date that drives me bonkers, but pays well. On top of that, I interviewed for a job that I really wanted, but due to various things I was not allowed to contact the employer to find out whether or not I got the job. I've been waiting with that uncomfortable uncertainty for two weeks now, and I have kinda talked myself out of wanting the job.

Needless to say, both issues were resolved today within an hour of one another. I was given a blessedly near end date for my current job, and with the other job I was told that I interviewed extremely well and had great qualifications, but they decided to go for someone else because they thought I was too nice. The recruiter and I were flabbergasted and had no idea what she meant, as I'm known for my extremely strong customer service skills, especially in crises and conflict resolution. I was at an interview, for crying out loud: of course I'm going to be nice!

Bad news on both fronts, as that leaves me without a job as of next week, but damn if I am not relieved, and happy to be washing my hands of both situations.

Things are still prickly with Mr. Unicorn and I. We're talking about it, but neither of us really know what the deal is. But we're still happy and laughing between the crabby moments, so I know things will be just fine.
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