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Bruises have finally started surfacing from Sunday. I've got a nice purple one on the right side of the pelvic bone, and some nasty yellow-green ones on the underside of my right bicep (my sword arm, the underside takes some abuse ).

Spent most of today with the gf, after cleaning up with Mohegan. My living room is looking like a living room again, finally. Took gf out to a sushi place for dinner, treated her like a lady - holding doors, pulling out chairs, ect. - she tried to pay for her dinner!! Absurd I was having none of that, and she didn't argue too much. I think she secretly likes being pampered.

Her other boyfriend called midway through diner, asked if he could see her, since he'd been out of state all weekend. Even though it was "my" Wednesday with her, they hadn't seen each other in forever, and he was all respectful and stuff when he asked, so I was cool with it. We hung out on her back deck for awhile, just catching up and smoking. He even brought me a gift - not too sure what to make of that. He and I used to be friends awhile back.... is this a peace offering of sorts? What if I'm not ready to make peace just yet? What if I'm just being polite for her sake?

What if I'm not?

So not used to being the forgiving type, but I'm just not as angry with him as I was. He's the one who told Mohegan about me having cheated on her. I'd be OK with this, if he had done it for Mohegan's sake, but he didn't - he did it to try push me out of GFs life. He failed. Now he wants to apologize and make peace?

Not too sure what to make of this. Including my lack of anger.... confusing.
This is my family. It may be little, and broken, but it's still good. Yeah, still good.
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