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Originally Posted by monopolylover View Post
if this is just another "open" relationship then once again I'm in the position of "flavor of the week" and no matter how great things may seem, there is a good change another flavor will come along and I'm once again a feather duster who can be pulled out of the closet when and it the next guy doesn't work out.

You will always face this in relationships no matter what their structure. It is part of putting your heart out there.

I see the difference between that and polyamory but I've yet to see it in honest practice in those who claim polyamory.

Read this forum. There are lots of good examples.

As I've seen great failures in those who claim mono. I'm a pilgrim without a country. It has helped being on this forum though. I think My only problem is I don't care to play games and far to many people do when they are in relationships no matter what kind of relationships those are.
Too many people want their cake and to eat it to. The more I explore a relationship the more I find the biggest problems are always with filtering out all the bullshit and games.

I was talking with my sister about this yesterday. It is hard to "avoid" the games. Everyone plays games when getting to know and interact with other people. Society has placed rules on us, we place rules on us, etc. and we use them in this game we call life. Now, if you mean manipulation, maliciousness, or mal intent, that is another thing.

It is a confusing road, this poly or open relationship thing. I know this, and have felt some of what you are feeling. Still do at times. It may very well not work for you, but then it may. Regardless of what your definitions of "working for you" are, you will certainly get something positive out of it if that is what you are determined to do. You get out of it what you put into it and the mindset helps to shape the outcome for yourself and others. Otherwise, you can always choose to date only mono women, and that is perfectly fine too.

good Luck!
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