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Originally Posted by DazednConfused View Post
. Before I met her, I was the epitome of the tramp, I dated a married guy for 6 years, typically would only sleep with people I would never want to see again, swore love didn't exist, I'd never wed...and now look at me!

I can relate to this. I wasn't all that squeaky clean in my relationships before Z either. And I have often wondered if a kind of same life Karma is at work here.

I made a conscious decision when I left my marriage that I wanted to clean up my act because giving less than my best to my relationship wasn't serving me very well.

I think there is a definite tie up between coming to that decision and the quality of love I have with Z. I would never give him anything less than my very best.

Perhaps the love you feel for your gf is giving you the opportunity to clean up your act? I believe that our emotional heart is a muscle just like our physical heart and to be able to open up to more love it sometimes needs a really good work out (which it seems yours is getting).

Keep at it.
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