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Originally Posted by geminigirl View Post
I for one am grateful for firsthand feedback about potential partners.. that's the beauty of a poly community, after all. We get to check people out before we date them... and yes, I do pay attention to that!

As for this situation, your intentions were good and the communication failed. Chalk it up to experience.. everyone will live past it.
thanks gemini, you are all so kind. It's because you all know me so well and what my intent was... to others looking in, I fucked up royally. ....sigh. not much I can do but I have had enough backlash hurtful messages that I did a bit of security setting stuff to their fb and feel better. No longer can they see my stats and wall. Why does that make me feel better I wonder? I guess because I now feel super vulnerable and fragile about it all and need to have some space to regain my sense of *whatever* takes some time I guess.
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