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Red face reply to Immaterial

Immaterial--I see what you are trying to say, and you seem to have picked up on my expectation. Ew, that is a gross and dark side of me.

Yes, I've decided to give up on the sexual thing with her. yup. I'm so glad for this group, to give me some clarity on that.

My question is: Should I tell her about my decision to "give up"? I'm a little torn on that one. I don't want to seem overdramatic...but I also don't want her to come onto me unless she is truly ready to engage with me on a deeper level. Right now she's not ready for what I want, and so I have to back away, romantically (not as a friend). But--do I tell her? And if so, how do I tell her? And should I tell her the door is open when and if she is in a different state of mind? Or...should things just be left unsaid and more free to develop naturally?

Like I said, we're both relocating to different states in 2 weeks.
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