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I haven't really had anything to report. Asha and Sunday and their children have been out east dealing with family issues, and Easy and I have been spending a lot of time just focusing on us. Some funny parenting moments happened that I'd love to share but don't really have anyone else to share them with:

(as Monkey and I were shopping for clothes for her and I was trying to get her to buy something pink and frilly)

Me: Where is my daughter who likes pink and is girly?
Monkey: She's in Maryland.


(as Easy was trying to kiss me and I was playing hard to get)

Easy: Oh, I see how it is. Well, maybe my girlfriend would appreciate me more.
Monkey (out of the blue): That would be Asha!
(Easy coughs and sputters as I collapse in a fit of giggles)

I don't know if those are funny if you weren't there, but they made me smile.
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