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Well, RedPepper, perhaps my post was misleading. She has, on multiple occasions, seemed turned on by my female body. The problem with her, I think, is that she can't get past the idea that monogamy is the ideal. She was only married a year ago. For her, sex is suspect; it's dangerous; it's tinged with sin. So...even though she allows herself to feel attractio to me's always then, later, qualified by pulling back and setting up boundaries and walls.
Does that make sense?

When she was in her comfort zone (the night with her husband and me; the 3 of us) she enjoyed my breasts and she fingered me...which she seemed to enjoy--a lot. Then, when she was out of her confort zone (with me and my husband; away from her husband), she pulled back.

I just wonder if it's a matter of experience. Also, she's a Scorpio. ANd I'm an Aries. Astrologically, I move fast and she moves slow--together, it's a reciple for constant push and pull.

Another aspect to this situation, is that in 2 weeks, she is moving to another state and I am moving to another state. We will be 5 hours apart (driving distance).
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