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Originally Posted by OhioLove View Post
What I'd really like to understand is "bi curious." I honestly have always believed that anyone who is curious is actually (in their heart) bi, whether or not they want to defy culture, and their past image of themself as "straight." At this point, I don't know if I believe that bi curious really exists. Forgive me if that seems stupid...Can anyone explain this distinction to me?
There is a lot of people that believe that. But it just isn't true. Some girls are bi-curious because it is the *in* thing to be. Some are bi-curious because they have that one time attraction to the same sex. Some are bi-curious because they are truly open to the idea of being bi-sexual, but end up being straight.

I have run into all 3 of the above btw. There are likely other iterations, but those are the ones I have seen living proof of ...I have also been with two girls who were bi-curious, and ended up bi-sexual. One is an ex and the other is my wife.

Dan Savage had a web blog video in regards to something like this. Explaining a straight man having sex, once, with another man does not mean he is gay or means he had a one off attraction. I can see this happening. I am 100% straight...I have played with one man in my life. I don't foresee myself ever being interested in men and I am definitely straight. I fall into the "I am really open minded and wanted to give it a try"...luckily my best friend was in discovery mode for his sexuality so it worked to both our advantages.
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